The Lyrique Spirit

An institution where Geneva’s elite from the worlds of business, politics and culture come to see and be seen, Le Lyrique is the city’s oldest restaurant-brasserie still open.

With its generous terrace, high Second Empire ceiling, imposing columns, as well as its flavoursome cooking and bustling atmosphere, every aspect of Le Lyrique offers the pleasure of new experiences, sociability and good times shared.

Originally known as the Brasserie Bâle-Strasbourg, Le Lyrique opened its doors in 1881, barely two years after the inauguration of its neighbour, the Grand-Théâtre, which, contrary to its name, is actually an opera house. The presence of the Musée Rath (1824), the Conservatoire (1858) and the Victoria Hall (1894) in the same vicinity of Place-Neuve, in the heart of the city, quickly made Le Lyrique a fashionable eatery for artists, music lovers and opera buffs. Throughout the 20th century and into the dawn of the new century it retained and cultivated its unique position on Geneva’s restaurant scene.

At the initiative of its new owner, who was won over by the charm and character of the premises, Le Lyrique is having a facelift and, from autumn 2017, invites you to discover its new look, drawing on a history imbued with symbolism and unparalleled spirit.

Welcome to Le Lyrique!